Hotels for Sale Queensland


Are you looking for hotels for sale in QLD? Hotels have existed for hundreds of years, and entrepreneurs have long sought ways to invest in them. From the early days of hotels, these investors have sensed the potential, purpose, and prestige of hotel ownership, as well as growing markets and economic opportunities. Today’s hotel industry isn’t much different.

From financial gain to making a difference in the community to the love of the game, there are countless reasons that the ambitious and motivated decide that hotel ownership is for them. If you consider shopping for hotels for sale or hotel management rights for sale, Off Market Hotels can help. We are hotel brokers in Queensland offering a fresh take on commercial real estate investing with our off-market listings and commitment to success.


Investing in a hotel can be a smart way to grow your wealth. Hotels differ from multi-family housing and other commercial real estate in a few key ways: because a hotel is an operating business, there is an element of uncertainty; however, hotels provide a slew of other advantages, such as:

  • Nightly leases. One of the best things about hotels is that they sell accommodation by the night, with each night presenting a new opportunity to boost revenue. The trick is to optimise the net income from each room each night. Intangibles such as property culture and loyalty to more straightforward elements such as advertising to the right audience are all important ways to help build a reliable revenue stream. Keep in mind that hotels are the first to suffer in a weak economy but also quick to recover from a downturn. Sound economic fundamentals can help ensure that your property weathers the declines with ease.
  • Flexibility to add value. Hotels derive much of their value from their operations. It’s exactly this flexibility that is one of the top reasons that people choose to invest in hotels. However, there are also many other ways to enhance the value of a hotel. For example, you can make renovations to keep your property current and ensure a healthy revenue stream even as styles and guest expectations change. You can focus on employee engagement and customer loyalty as ways to optimise your revenue and reduce costs. You can leverage the terms of major maintenance agreements and brand licensing agreements to realise a material impact on your profitability and revenue.
  • Impact on the community. A huge part of the cost associated with operating a hotel is labour. It takes many hands to make a hotel run smoothly, and that means jobs. Besides providing jobs, hotels also serve other vital functions within a community. As temporary accommodation, a hotel provides shelter for families, business associates, and others in need. It can also work as an event venue for corporate and social events. Hotels are places to relax and connect with loved ones. The most successful hoteliers are actively engaged in fostering a community according to their values and the values of their guests.
  • Healthy challenge. There are many ways to make money that are easier and less risky than investing in real estate. However, money is not always the main driving factor behind why many investors do what they do. Many investors are in it for the love of the game. Hotels are one of the most challenging assets for any investor. All aspects of investing in hotels require tremendous understanding and diligence. Investors need to scrutinise every factor that affects the operation, particularly market-related, external factors. Because of the difficulty level of succeeding in this industry, many investors simply love the challenge.


When looking for a hotel for sale in Australia, you’re aware that you’re making a large investment, and you want things to go as smoothly as possible. You’re likely excited about your upcoming status as a hotel owner, but there are some steps that you can take to help ensure that your purchase is both successful and satisfying. Be sure to avoid these common mistakes to enjoy the easiest and smoothest transaction possible.

  • Neglecting to do your own research. It’s essential to do your own research when looking to buy a hotel. Some communities hire consultants to write reports claiming that more accommodation is needed. You don’t want to take chances when you’re considering building and developing in a market. You should do physical drive-bys, conduct mystery shopping testing, and stay at nearby hotels to investigate market prate pricing and quality.
  • Underestimating your costs. Succeeding in the hotel business requires substantial operational enhancements and capital improvements, particularly during the first year. Hotels tend to operate with a higher ratio of costs to revenues, so meticulous planning is necessary for your short-term finances. When making your purchase, be sure to account for the first year’s expenses and the flexibility that you’ll need to respond to constant market changes.
  • Not having the proper capital structure. It’s imperative that you structure the capital stack properly to be able to withstand the downturns. Without this staying power, many hoteliers fail because they overleverage. Hotel investments can be extremely lucrative when some important puzzle pieces are in place, such as the right brand and an experienced manager. However, without the right capital structure, it’s nearly impossible to succeed.


If you’re looking for hotels for sale in Australia, then you should be looking for hotel-motel brokers as well. Hotel brokers can act on your behalf as you aim to purchase or sell property in the hospitality industry. Here are a few key reasons it’s important to work with a broker when you decide to invest in a hotel.

  • Brokers understand pricing. First things first – how do you know that the hotel you’re trying to buy or sell is priced correctly? If you are selling, you risk overpricing (thus turning off potential buyers), or underpricing (and receiving less than what your property is worth). If you are buying, you are at risk of paying more than you need to for the property that you want. Hotel brokers have extensive knowledge about current market conditions and the factors that influence pricing, and they can help you estimate the value of any property more accurately.
  • Brokers can match buyers and sellers. Hotel brokers are extremely good at connecting the right prospective buyers with the right sellers. Once they know the value of a property, they can turn to their vast network of sellers and buyers to close deals. After listing a hotel, a broker can rely on a team of dedicated marketers to reach the largest target audience. This unparalleled marketing ability is one of the most important reasons to trust your commercial real estate transaction to an experienced broker rather than attempting to handle it on your own.
  • The broker is there to represent you and your interests. Your hotel broker’s loyalty will never be divided between you and a particular seller or builder. A buyer broker will look out for you and you alone, providing you with critical information, helping you get the best deal, and working with you as you strive for your real estate goals. Hiring buyer brokers is like hiring personal consultants who are there to protect your best interests. Their only goal is to help match you with the property that meets your needs best, regardless of the seller.


At Off Market Hotels, we work to match buyers with the right hotels, pubs, caravan parks, bistros, nightclubs, and more. We’ll work closely with you to find exactly what you’re looking for, whether that means a hotel for sale in Australia, hotel management rights, or something else. We value discretion and focus on no-pressure selling throughout Queensland and regional Queensland. We also look forward to expanding into Darwin and NSW. Are you interested in buying or selling off-market? Then let Off Market Hotels help. We understand the stress associated with real estate transactions, and we strive to make the process as hassle-free as possible. Find out more about your options when you contact us here.